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Rare Disease Awareness

February is here, and for many of us in the rare space, this is a time we acknowledge #RareDiseaseDay on February 28. We also celebrate throughout the month by sharing stories, stats and information regarding #RareDiseases. For myself, I decided to take some time and write a poem in honor of the day and month. A lot of emotions come up during months like these. And, well nearing the age of 40 as well!

I Am Rare

I am part of the rare disease space,

Always trying to come through with strength and grace.

Sometimes my plight can feel overwhelming,

Kendra in a wheelchair on the sidewalk in front of a house with green grass on the side. Frame around the photo is pink, blue and yellow paint marks in the corners. Black circle around the photo with text that says 'GROW AWARENESS TODAY & EVERYDAY RARE DISEASE DAY 2023'.
Photo frame designed by @fineyourrare on Instagram

But I keep on striving and believing.

It has been a journey that can be hard,

With many obstacles to guard.

I know I am not alone in this,

There are many just like me on this list.

Working hard to achieve all that I hope for,

Knowing not all is in my actual grasp to my core.

Still being hopeful that someday I will be proven wrong,

No matter what head up, eyes fixed, will strong.

There are moments both filled with joy and grief

It is very important to me to have a positive belief.

My courage will forever guide me, I will never give up,

I am proud to be rare and I will always rise up.

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